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The Art of Capuêra Angola

“Our school emphasizes the most ancient traditions of Capuêra Angola: the flow of the game, its circular nature, and the state of trance. Our goal is to transcend the physical by moving with the soul.

This state of mind is especially important when weapons are introduced: the navalha (straight razor), the punhal (dagger), the terçado ou facão (machete), the faca de ticún (a knife made from a dried palm leaf), and the faca de osso (an enchanted knife made of human bone).

Yet, our focus is not on learning Capuêra as a deadly martial art, but instead, on learning to find inner balance and self knowledge through Capuêra—that is, the search to find your internal God.”

— Mestre Màrcio Mendes

Mestre Màrcio Mendes: Biography

Màrcio was born in Macapá-AP, and grew up in the city Belém, a city in the Amazon region of Brazil. His first contact with capoeira (alternately known as capuÍra) was, as for many Brazilians, on the street: in a spontaneous way, without structure or a master to guide him.

Mestre M·rcio Mendes

At age 17, Màrcio met Mestre Bezerra, who is recognized for establishing capoeira in the northern states of Pará and Amapá ultimately, Bezerra would become Màrcio's master. After 5 years of study, Màrcio began teaching capoeira classes at the University of Par·, and under Mestre Bezerra's supervision, participated in many street festivals in Brazil. In 1999, Màrcio moved to Toronto, Canada and founded the Muiraquitã Capoeira school, followed by Escola de CapuÍra Angola.

Màrcio has taught classes in various countries, including England, Portugal and Trinidad, and has participated in the street festival in Avignon, France. He has also given numerous workshops, presentations, and live performances across Canada. In 2006, he was awarded an Artists in Education grant by the Ontario Arts Council, which lead to a series of workshops in public schools throughout Ontario. Always giving back to the community, he has also taught capoeira to Toronto's at-risk youth in alliance with St. Christopher House and Kites and Alexandra Community Centre.

In addition to running Escola de Capuêra Angola, Màrcio teaches capoeira classes at the University of Toronto, Torontoís West End YMCA and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre with the assitance of his advanced students. An avid learner himself, Màrcio has studied dance and is currently studying philosophy at York University.

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